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"Marsha and crew put their fingers on the pulse of what it’s like to be a child, and utilize their grown-up skills of teaching in a compelling manner, entertaining with talent and vivre, and, to top it off, musicianship of the highest order. "

Prism Reviews

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"Engaging lyrics... delightfully catchy... highly recommended..."

Midwest Book Review

"With “Positrons” as the band’s name and Energetic as the album’s title, you expect a set of uplifting, up-tempo music, and Marsha Goodman-Wood and her group definitely delivers the goods. " 

"Even more impressive here are the songs where Marsha transforms sophisticated concepts into understandable educational points wrapped up in catchy melodies. "

NAPPA Awards

"...teaches as well as delights... not just for children, but adults too... with messages about kindness and cooperation..."

Michael Doherty's Music Log

"Marsha and the Positrons are experts in making learning into a fun adventure. Not only are we discovering new things through their clever lyrics, but the masterful melodies draw listeners into a wonderful world of catchy tunes and toe-tapping beats. Marsha's songs explore everything from astronomy to nature and wildlife. Her albums are full of discussion starters that answer those burning questions, ignite curiosity, and keep us dancing and singing along."

— Stephanie Nhan, Beppie's Beats

"This is a quite superb piece of music, from a band who have really built a name for themselves over the years. The lyrics unravel like poetry, the arrangement is crafted with considerable expertise and the vibe is charming and optimistic. If this song is anything to go by, I'm sure the new album will be well worth a listen. This is a band clearly on top of their game, and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future."

— Dez Staunton, Electric Kids Music

"Flash Single Review: New Leaf "

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"...the Positrons’ songs aren’t just brainy — they’re also mood boosters. The band’s latest single, ’Ghost Forest Investigators’ (out on Arbor Day, 4/28) is loaded with feel-good, surf-rock, Scooby Doo vibes, while covering multiple themes of climate change, science, and facing fears."

— Maria Torrieri Bloom,  Rockmommy

"In less than two minutes, Marsha and the Positrons filled my heart with such light and hopefulness that I started to cry."  "In 'New Leaf,' Marsha Goodman-Wood’s gorgeous, rich vocals lead the listener’s gaze to the future while beautiful harmonies and simple instrumentation enhance the truly lovely lyrics. Never melancholy, 'New Leaf' uplifts the listener leaving them feeling loved."

— Veronica Schwartz DeFazio,  Kids Rhythm and Rock

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