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Hey Pluto:

This video features the fun, whimsical artwork of Danielle DeKoker (the artist from the Sheep Don't Wear Shoes video), as well as archival NASA video footage & photos! There's even a photo of the vote by the International Astronomical Union that determined Pluto's status change to become a dwarf planet!

The video was edited by Sandra Kratc at LightAtMyWindow, who artfully weaved together Danielle's artwork & the NASA images (Sandra also made our video for Virtual School).




Recorded & filmed at home during the pandemic, this song was produced by our talented producer TJ Lipple. The video was made by Sandra Kratc at LightAtMyWindow. The song features backup vocals by guest Positrons, Olivia Wood & Sam Wood, Marsha's teenagers!

Giant & Colossal Squid (from Positronic):

"The video was actually filmed at about the same time the album was released — that’s why, you know, you have the oh-so-2018-vibe of a whole band dancing right next to one another. It just took a couple years for the proper combination of time and talent to come together properly to make the final video you see today.

It’s a little goofy; mostly educational; mixes puppets, animation and live action; and on top of that you have the slightly subversive kindie music legend Barry Louis Polisar as the voice of a squid. Worth the wait, happy to give the video its world premiere here."


— Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

Why Can't 

You Dance on Jupiter?(from Gravity Vacation):

"This stop-motion animation video features the artwork of Judith Keller, brought to life by up and coming videographer Emily Bank."

"Bambinos will want to dance along with the unique alien characters that Judith created and if you read along with the closed-captioning you’ll find some Easter eggs in the form of dance suggestions!"

        — Beltway Bambinos

Sheep Don't Wear Shoes (from Gravity Vacation):

"Though I've been listening to kids music for about 15 years now, I can still be surprised by what tickles my fancy.  What was it then about this video ...?  The gentle (though not over-the-top) message of independence?  The big-eyed sheep illustrated by Danielle Dekoker and assembled into video form by fellow kids musician Patricia Shih?  The fact that it stars sheep (I do like my animated sheep)?

I'm still not entirely sure, but I liked it enough to be happy to world-premiere the video this morning. (Plus, my last name is "Shepherd.")"  

Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

Ninja School

(from Gravity Vacation):

"I am happy to present two goodies to you today – the video world premiere for Marsha’s single “Ninja School”* from her debut solo album Gravity Vacation, and an illuminating guest post where Marsha dives further into the whole body benefits of music.

And of course, fist bump to all those ninjas in training out there."

 Kids Can Groove

The Penguin Song

(from Gravity Vacation):

"Now that winter is upon us, let’s embrace the cold like our black & white feathered friends from Antarctica do! Here’s the World Premiere of “The Penguin Song,” a favorite track from Marsha Goodman-Wood’s 2012 Gravity Vacation album."  "Get some energy out at home tapping your toes and doing your version of the penguin dance. Since this is a lyric video, it’s also a great opportunity for young readers to practice reading (and perhaps singing) along."

Beltway Bambinos



LIVE at The Coolidge Corner Theater: We're Going to the Library by Marsha and the Positrons (feat. Ayanna Gallant, and Guest Positrons Matt Heaton, Stacey Peasley and Vanessa Trien), 3/30/24

LIVE at Wolf Trap: The Ore Song by Marsha and the Positrons (feat. Ayanna Gallant, David Strauss & David Durst), 6/28/22  

NPR's 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Submission: Positrons by Marsha and the Positrons (feat. Ayanna Gallant, Wardell Howell & David Strauss), 6/7/21  

The Ore Song by Marsha and the Positrons LIVE at Genghis Cohen LA, 1/24/20

LIVE at The Coolidge Corner Theater: Kinetic and Potential Energy by Marsha and the Positrons (feat. Ayanna Gallant, and Guest Positrons Matt Heaton, Stacey Peasley and Vanessa Trien), 3/30/24

LIVE: Sound of the Cicadas by Marsha and the Positrons (feat. David Strauss & Ayanna Gallant) , 5/28/21  

WTMD Saturday Morning Tunes concert with Marsha and the Positrons (feat. Wardell Howell & Ayanna Gallant) 11/17/18 

Positrons by Marsha and the Positrons LIVE at Genghis Cohen LA, 1/24/20

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