Washington, DC-based kindie (kids + indie) band Marsha and the Positrons play fun clever songs about science and how the world works with positive social messages!

". . . among the Washington area's most creative and distinctive" children's musicians.
— The Washington Post

"...jazz-flavored, poppy rock sound..."  — National Parenting Products Awards

“DC rocker who takes an occasional jazzy turn."— Kathy O'Connell, Host of WXPN Kids Corner

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Marsha Goodman-Wood, a former cognitive neuroscientist (!), and the Positrons...serve up science with an infectious rock ‘n roll beat."  "Woven throughout with humorous asides, the songs offer uplifting messages, too."
— Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice 

"Marsha and the Positrons latest album does a superb job of combining science with clever lyrics and playful music. Kids and adults will find this album both entertaining and educational."
— Elena Epstein, director of the National Parenting Product Awards

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